We’re thoroughly thrilled to announce that DJ Xtdee has joined LOL International.

XTDEE started her DJ career in 2014. As a child whilst her friends were listening to Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rock music, she was watching live performances of Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi and Tiesto with White Sensation. At that time she could not have even imagined she would appear on the other side of the electronic dance music stage. But it is the reality today, because EDM and House rhythms live inside of her pulsing in unison with her heart.

XTDEE adores massive rhythms of the Dutch House, melodic pits of the Progressive House and groovy Future Houseand Bass House with screaming wobblies. Her every performance is a new, inimitable story, with its own character and firmly established style of play. Her career has recently started, but for the short period she has managed to give performances in Germany, Czech, Switzerland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Egypt, Thailand, Nice and the UAE. The Germany Tour took place in March-April 2015. The tour included more than 15 cities.

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XTDEE has started her career at 15 not as a DJ, but as a model. The career of the young model was rapidly developing and was picking up steam. She was giving performances and cooperated in 20 countries with such world brands as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Massimo Dutti, Le Chateau and others. But she felt that model business was not her life mainstream, not her final goal.

         Loving electronic dance music XTDEE tried herself as a DJ in 2014. She understood that music is her driver. Her every performance is a thorough selection of music material that forms her unique, recognizable and inimitable style of play.

         XTDEE – is a woman beauty and charm, sophistication and charisma as well as a great drive. It is difficult to imagine that a sophisticated model was getting down with electronic dance music. She is challenging all stereotypes and is having a ball, captivating into the whirlpool of rhythm and music every listener. Her performance is a show – she’s crying, singing, getting on the table and jumping into the crowd.

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         XTDEE is regularly improving her playing technique in the studio, finding new and new skills for her live performances. In october 2015 XTDEE recorded a video in which she had played 40 EDM tracks for 3 minutes

            XTDEE’s motto is not to rest on her oars and continue rapidly moving ahead. Her life’s in the motion.