EDM DJ Radio Broadcasting Syndication

What is it?

Official exclusive early release EDM DJ Radio Sets (1-2 hours in duration).

What can it be used for?

Mainly for broadcast syndication for Radio and TV stations.
And can be used for Gyms, Clubs, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Events, Cafes, Private Parties and more.

What do you get?

Continuously updated EDM DJ Radio Sets.
Headache free from thinking what music to play, instant access to hours of hours of music at your fingertips.

What else?

The music is Ad Free.
It is delivered in a High Quality Music Format.
You get Brand Association with top EDM DJs.
A variety of EDM styles to suit your clientele, from Up beat party music to chilled EDM.
DJ Radio Sets that the public haven’t heard of yet!

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The DJs: