What we do & services we offer

  • Event Organization
  • Artist Booking Agency
  • Artist Product Endorsements
  • Event Marketing
  • Turnkey Event Management

Event Organization

Live Out Loud is our name and that is what we want our audiences to do during our events and concerts. We love to organize every part of our event, from concept, to the planning phase, to the execution part. With each component of the production, marketing, sales, sponsorship, brand integration and the whole event organizing aspect tailored to the highest level. We approach every project with enthusiasm and an ambition and are constantly improving our skills by taking the opportunities to work in various disciplines. All events are built from the ground up, handling the creative, production, marketing, promotion sides.

Artist Booking Agency

Securing artists for our clients in both Thailand, Taiwan and Asia. Artists and Talents can range from singers, actors/ actresses, athletes and corporate figures. The LOL Team works with an extensive network of artists/talents and their representation managers to provide a high value offering.

Artist Product Endorsements

Looking to add extra PR and a larger following to your product or service? Artist want to be associated with alike brands and brands want to be associated with alike artists. We work and analyze the demographics with the brands and artists to create a win win situation for the parties involved.

Event Marketing

Need deeper expertise with your company’s marketing? We can manage the whole 360 marketing (ranging from Social Media, PR, Traditional Marketing, TV/Radio Advertising etc) of your company to create a stronger brand identity, consumer base and make sure you are sending a clear message to your consumers.

Turnkey Event Management

An offering that has sprung from business partners asking for assistance with their event execution. We manage your entire event and at the same time save you costs with our relationships with service providers.